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Discount 15% for Upgrading All Memberships.
Published on 20-04-2018

Dear Members!

We have big promos for you. Discounting 15% for Upgrading All Memberships.

It is available in 5 days and will be expired on 25 April 2018.

Best regards.

Deposit Promos Program! Hot!
Published on 12-04-2018

Dear Members!

We have a Big Promos for Deposit Fund with 4 packages:

1. Refund 5% with Deposit more $100

2. Refund 7% with Deposit more $200

3. Refund 10% with Deposit more $500

4. Refund 15% with Deposit more $1000

This Promos will be expired in 30 April 2018

Have fun!
Best regards.

Ferdinadz Team.

$1000 Point Contest with 30 days was started.
Published on 03-04-2018

On the occasion of launching our website we hold a points contest to create opportunities for members to earn extra money. Our law is simple, you must first comply with our TOS.
OK, let's start with the rules:

You get 1 Point Per 1 Click Ads.

You get 1 Point Per 1 Forum Post.

You get 50 Points Per 1 Referral.

You get 100 Points Per $1 Deposit.

Prize structure is as follows:

  1. $750 Bonus to Main Balance.
  2. $150 Bonus to Main Balance.
  3. $75 Bonus to Main Balance.
  4. $15 Bonus to Main Balance.
  5. $10 Bonus to Main Balance.

Contest will be ran in 30 days from 04 April 2018 to 04 May 2018 at midnight of server time.

Good luck to all members and Happy Earning!

Best regards.

Ferdinadz Team.